Education of Underpriviledge Children with the coordinations of Asha Parivar


  • To reach the children who have no access to education because of their Socio-Economic conditions.
  • To prepare them for entering the mainstream education system.
  • Either Govt. or Private Schools.
  • Volunteers run nonformal educations programme in different locations with the participations of Local inhabitants since 2003.
Currently Five Centres are running at different locations of Lucknow
  • Dubagga (35 Students)
  • Mandiaon. (43 Students)
  • Near Nadwa College (36 Students)
  • Ismail Gunj (45 Students)
  • Janki Plaza (38 Students)
Eighty children have been admitted in various schools during current year

Training Camps
  • To educate the village workers about the RTI Act 2005, RTE Act, NAREGA through training camps & learning materials.
  • Empower them to access the benefits of development, welfare and employment schemes.
  • Learning how to demand Job Cards / Work / make Complaints in case of non payments and other. Irregularities.
  • Learning how to measure the work and perform social audit.
Establishment of Important Institutions

We have already establish and successfully running institutions in the field of science and technology and computer science and thus creating hundreds and hundreds of youths having upgraded skill in their respective fields. It will enable us to relate this knowledge for the task of upliftment of rural farmers. The all three institutions which we are running in the field of science and technology, general and technical education and computer science are based in U.P. which are -

  • Maulana Azad Institute of Humanities, Science and Technology at Mahmoodabad, Sitapur (U.P.)
  • Mother Teresa Institute of General and Technical Education, Aliganj, Lucknow (U.P.)
  • International Academy of Computer Science at Mahmoodabad, Sitapur (U.P.)

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