We can satisfactorily enumerate our achievements and also these achievements are a sign that we are on right track. Our all efforts are centralized towards our object, we are technically capable of and also having willingness to use our knowledge and strength for upliftment of life style and standard of Rural Farmers.

  • Literacy Development About 765 people were made literate including male & female at different centres.

  • Vocational Training Conducted a series of Vocational Training in different trades' courses for Illiterates, Neo-literates has been conducted so far.

  • Educational & Technological Development Conducted a number of courses up to Post Graduate Level including vocational courses.

  • Health Development Activities Conducted number of Health Check-up camps & seminars for eradication of epidemic diseases by renowned Doctors in India & abroad took part, they made aware about good health.

  • Environmental Protection Conducted a number of seminars & symposium to make people aware about Environmental Protection.

  • Agricultural Development Organized Agricultural Melas for farmers each year, which made farmers about High Yield Seeds & Manures, New-high yielding crops etc.

  • Welfare of Handicapped Handicapped welfare programmes has been organized and tri-cycles were distributed among handicapped yearly, as regular programme.

  • Khadi Ashram & Development of Gandhi an Philosophy Established Gandhi Ashram at two places & organized seminars on developing Gandhian Philosophy yearly.

We the people at Oudh Gramin Krishak Sewa Uthan Samiti bequeath our all efforts and resources towards our great objective which is related to the bread for man kind and in this way it is essential for endurance of the coming generations. In this way we are also going to stop the migration of village workers and skillful persons to the cities. Because we will create such an atmosphere that will enable the village people and landless labourers to find the job in the periphery of their villages. We all know that this migration of labour is causing two fold problems for the inhabitation at the level of city and village also. We hope that our efforts will succeed to transform our mission into reality and our forthcoming generations will be able to see a better time and life in the villages of Oudh.

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