Oudh Gramin Kirshak Sewa Uthan Samiti is a registered N.G.O. founded in 1996 with the sole objective to enhance the standard of living with the help of sustainable development programme and influx of education and training among Rural Farmers of Oudh i.e. Uttar Pradesh.

We are working with an expert team of persons, who are fully equipped with high level of dedication and technical knowledge specially to be worked upon the selective field of agriculture and also who, with keen interest, have willingness to work on grass root level towards a common mission to enhance the life of farmers. In order to fathom the full concept of our main initiative it would be pertinent to clear some connotations who underlie in our very name of N.G.O.

The Cannotations

  • Oudh - The term does not cannote any particular political or administrative division but rather the mere utterance of it flicks light over the whole period of turmoil and terror of which the whole part known as Oudh was subjected to the slavery of centuries after centuries. Apart from this a soulful culture of music, art, dance more so a whole vista of colourful and salient co-existence of diverse religions and various ethnic groups also comes in the mind.
  • Gramin i.e. Rural -It is a more populous saying that the real India lives in villages and Oudh i.e. now Uttar Pradesh is topographically and demographically lives in villages. Even after this much of technical and infrastructural advancement in various fields it is a hard reality that till date picture of a village is a spectacular landscape of thatched houses, muddy lanes and insufficient infrastructural support. The level of literacy is low and health services are also skimpy.
  • Kirshak - The main source of livelihood and subsistence in villages of Uttar Pradesh is agriculture and large number of people are based in it. Life of a farmer is arduous and crushing at the hands of fury of Sun, chill of winters and torrential rains. The whole hopes and dreams of the family of a farmer always remains appended to the calamities and suddenness of events, which are beyond the control of a person. Working in this situation a farmer always looks ahead and again and again puts himself for the task of feeding the nation.

Oudh Gramin Krishak : Problems and Potentials

A. Problems The Oudh Gramin Krishak faces lot of problems, apart from the natural calamities, which can be averted by willing Governmental and Non-Governmental initiatives and programs specially placing thrust over it. We, Oudh Gramin Kirshak Sewa Uthan Samiti, being based in Oudh are fully conversant with the problems, which affect the optimum expect of agriculture and also it is notable that having full fledged venture to support literacy and technical knowledge in the field of agriculture, have singled out this field to work upon. There is lot to be done to get altitudinal problems to wither away. Only Governmental efforts are not capable of, So, this N.G.O. has been founded. Enumerately the main problems are-

  • Illiteracy
  • Non-Orientation of farmers to the advancements and development coming in the field of agriculture,
  • Incapacity to get the benefits of various Governmental Schemes,
  • Incapacity to withstand the pressure of market and urgency of need,
  • Incapacity to get the full support of banking system,
  • Incapacity to over come the ills of myths and pagan rituals.
B. Potentials Agriculture and agro industry has whole vista of potential to feed the coming generations. To use the full potentials of agriculture, the only need is to make provisions of storage for seasonal crops and also install agro industries such as fruit processor plants and cold storage facility etc.

At Governmental level an integrative policy is needed to be implemented in the area of infrastructural support and supply of credits. N.G.Os. have to reach up to the grass root level with agri-oriented schemes and programs. And this is the very lagging which we are correcting with our dedicated team and optimum of our resources.


  • We are guided in our vision by great soul of India, Mahatma Gandhi and his dream of self reliant village.
  • We are guided in our vision with the miseries, sufferings, scarcities and experience of the farmers.
  • Our vision has dreamt the hope and light for farmers.
  • Our vision is a salute to the hard working, arduous and fighting spirit of farmers.
  • Our vision is thanks giving the feeders of the nation.
  • Our vision comprises a path of prosperity, fullness, education and content smile for the farmers.
  • Our vision is our pledge to be a torch bearer in this overlooked direction.
  • Our vision is our aspiration to be of some worth for the mother earth and the whole existence.


  • To look a head for a humane, healthy and holistic development.
  • To work for brighter India with a special thought on agriculture.
  • To raise farmers of Oudh from their mirky state by infiltration of advanced technology and perspective.
  • To create institutional infrastructure with aimed, impetus on techno and Agri. Subjects.
  • To pursue for Ec0-friendly technology and soil conservation.
  • To reach upto the remote corners in order to help marginalized people.
  • To work for empowerment of women and weaker sections of the society.
  • To make development sustainable.
  • To create a positive atmosphere that helps lateral thinking.
  • To use available resources effectively rather crying for more and more.
  • To induct better management and to muster full co-operation of producers and stakeholders.
  • To train and educate farmers to make optimum use of their available resources.
  • To eradicate illiteracy through production and provision of learning and teaching material and Audio, Video Visuals.


We at Oudh Gramin Kirshak Sewa Uthan Samiti are equipped with concrete and valuable infrastructure inclusive of

  • 100 Acres of fertile land to cater the need of high grade seeds and also to house expanding institution at there,

  • two buildings of which one is situated at Mahmudabad, Distt. Sitapur measuring 7024 Sq.Ft. and second in Lucknow measuring 6700 Sq.Ft.

  • Library We have a full fledged library which houses almost 10, 000 books covering to almost all disciplines and specially to the agriculture and the    advancements redeeming in the field of the agriculture and agro-industry. There are number of regular periodicals, also, in order to put light over the    concurrent researches and events. Because we know that the well informed citizenry is the key, not only to persuade a particular mission but for the    success of democracy, which is the rule of our nation. So we are keeping a practice of enhancing capacity of the library regularly.

  • Computers Computers are key source of the transfer of knowledge and information and also of making communication faster. With the view we     have installed 35 computers at our campus.

  •     To reach to the remotest corners of villages and keeping in view of the hard terrain we have 3 vehicles for the purpose.

  •     At present as a liquid capital we have 37 lacs of Rupees

  • Mobile Clinic At our centre at Mahmudabad, we are operating a mobile clinic to make available health services at the door of the villagers.

  • Free Ambulance Service We are operating free ambulance service to reach at health centers, P.H.C. and District Hospital.

OUR BOARD OF MANAGEMENT It is a well known fact that without a dedicated and willing team any institution or programme, howsoever good, cannot be run and implemented effectively. We are proud and happy enough to have a steamed and knowledgeable team of dignitaries as our management who take deep interest in implementing our vision and mission into a reality and also who are constantly watchful to the process and out come of the valuable investment of money, time and aspirations. Our Board of Management avidly includes

Sl. No.



Qualification  &  Experience


Dr. Zakia Ammar Mahmudabad.

President / Chairperson

M.A., Ph.D. engaged in Social Service and Adult Education and rural welfare programmes. 25 years experience.


Mr. R.J. Verma Sultanpur

Vice President

Principal, Jawahar Lal Nehru Polytechnic, Mahmudabad. 30 years experience


Dr.S.M. Ammar Rizvi

General Secretary

M.A., LL.B., Ph.D., D.Lit.
Principal, Shia PG College, Lucknow.  30 years experience.
 *Acting Chief Minister, U.P. Twice).
 *Leader of Opposition (U.P.)
*Education Minister, Govt. of U.P. Thrice
*Dy Speaker, Legislative Assembly, U.P
*Vice Chairman State National Integration Council.
President Organization for Nuclear Disarmament World Peace & Environment (ONDAWPE)Attended many International Seminars, Symposium and Conferences inside and also outside the country.
President All India Minorities forum for Democrasy.


Smt. Syeda Bano Mahmudabad


M.A., B.Ed., Teaching for 30 years.


Sri Meesam Lucknow


B.A., LL.B.
Social Service, 15 years experience


Dr. Farha Lucknow.


M.A., Ph.D.  Lecturer in Shia Girls PG College, Teaching 10 years.


Sri Mohd. Rizwan Lucknow.


International Banking for the last 25 years.


Smt. Shaista Lucknow.


B.A., Social Service 15 years.


Sri Syed Hidayat Husain, Lucknow.


Teaching and Retired Chief Audit Officer of U.P. Govt.


Dr. Ali Haroon Mahmudabad.


M.A., Ph.D. former Principal & Head of the Deptt. Of Sociology of Shia PG College, Lucknow.
Exp. for 30 years.

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