Ishee Institute of Technology & Management
  • We are guided in our vision by great soul of India, Mahatma Gandhi and his dream of self reliant village.

  • We are guided in our vision with the miseries, sufferings, scarcities and experience of the farmers.
  • To look a head for a humane, healthy and holistic development.

  • To raise farmers of Oudh from their mirky state by infiltration of advanced technology and perspective.






Oudh Gramin Kirshak Sewa Uthan Samiti is a registered N.G.O. founded in 1996 with the sole objective to enhance the standard of living with the help of sustainable development programme and influx of education and training among Rural Farmers of Oudh i.e. Uttar Pradesh.

We are working with an expert team of persons, who are fully equipped with high level of dedication and technical knowledge specially to be worked upon the selective field of agriculture and also who, with keen interest, have willingness to work on grass root level towards a common mission to enhance the life of farmers. In order to fathom the full concept of our main initiative it would be pertinent to clear some connotations who underlie in our very name of N.G.O.



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